Food. Pizza and Pasta. What else? The answer is: thousands of different dishes and food.

Some examples:

  • 7,300 edible vegetables, Europe record (2nd UK, only 2,100)
  • 58,000 different type of animals, Europe record (2nd France, only 20,000)
  • 1,200 vine variety, World record (2nd France, only 222)
  • 1,000 different type of apples, Europe record (the rest of Europe, only 200)
  • 140 different type of corns (USA only 6)

Delight your eyes and enjoy your Italian meal!

Amatriciana spaghetti, tortellini (Italian dumpling) and mozzarella (cheese).

Pizza, Chianti wine and polenta with baccalà (corn and fish).

S.Daniele’s ham, gianduiotto chocolate, gelato (ice-cream) and tiramisù.

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