Italy has 54 UNESCO cultural heritage sites (world record) and it’s impossible to describe the art in Italy in few words. Italy brought a prominent contribution to world culture. In particular during the two periods in which the Italian territory was the center of the civilization of the time: during the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. The role Italy had in the history of human knowledge was of great importance. From the Greek temples to the medieval villages, the Roman bathsat to the 18th century villas, Italy has many national monuments.  It is not possible to make a reliable estimate of the Italian artistic heritage. 


Delight your eyes!

Coloseum, Pompei and Roman mosaic.

Giuda’s kiss, Giotto, Crucifix, Cimabue and Barga Duomo, Lucca.

S.Maria del Fiore, Florence, Venus, Botticelli and Sistina Chapel, Michelangelo.

St.Ignazio’s triumph, Andrea Pozzo, St. Mattew’s calling, Caravaggio, Trevi Fountain, Nicola Salvi and Giuseppe Pannini.

The Kiss, Francesco Hayez, Spatial concept, Lucio Fontana, The Fourth State, Pelizza da Volpedo.

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