“Collections” Magazine

Beijing, China

Collection magazine

The most important monthly art magazine in China about Chinese Traditional and Ancient art and Western Modern Realism.

Marco Zito – Architecture & Design Firm

Venice, Italy


The studio is based in Venice and deals mainly with industrial design. Several designs are dealt with, from furniture to interface projects. At the basis of design research you will find issues such as sustainability and design “for all” accompanied by the main target of research for language simplification and component reduction.

Club Culturale Italiano – Shows, Events & Costume Rental

Venice, Italy


Venetian culture in highly imaginative events performed in Venice and all over the world.

PHE – International Youth Art Conference

Beijing, China


PHE International Youth Art Conference, as an initiator, designer and operation supporter of the International Children and Adolescent Art Expo, is a large international brand organization on art and culture education campaigns. It takes PEACE, HEALTH and ENVIRONMENT (PHE for short), as the theme children and adolescents as the leading participants and fine artworks as the core activity carriers.


Beijing, China

Copyright and children creativity art platform. The company has the aim to spread, through out its own platform the art created by children and protect it through the copyright system.

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