We are 洋博(北京)国际文化 – YB Culture Exchange –  意大利艺术游学项目主管, a Beijng company focused on art programs between Europe, in particular Italy, and China.

We create enriching experiences for our guests by combining an unbeatable mix of exceptional service and quality at great value, helping our customers to explore history and cultural diversities.
Thanks to our cooperation with training and language schools, schools, universities and companies we can offer the best tailor made service.
Client feedback is carefully monitored and used to update our services on a regular basis.

The certification about financial support from Beijing Government BOTC, as a startup with innovative and sustainable business idea (on the left).

The certification about selected company among many startups by Phoenix Plan of Chaoyang District Government in Beijing to receive financial support in April 2017, as a startup with innovative and sustainable business idea (on the right).


The logo GoItaly意小团儿 for travels in Italy (on the left) and YB – Culture Exchange main logo (on the right).

 Download our presentation in English presentation-yb-culture-exchange




Giandomenico Padovan

He is from Treviso, Italy. After a Bachelor in Economics and Managent of Art and Master in Economics and Managent of Tourism, he had job experiences in the field of event organizations in Italy, then he moved to Australia, where he taught Italian language and culture, then Beijing, where, he had job experiences in the field on international trade and fashion.


Gogo Yang

She is from Beijing, China. After a Bachelor in Public Administration, she moved to Australia, where she had a Master in Journalism and Mass Communication. She had job experiences in China in the field of foreign languages teaching, program managing and fashion.

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