I need money and support

This is a real story.

I am a student who had the good fortune to study abroad, no matter where, the fundamental issue is my degree and my experience in a country that is not my own one, which has enriched me from every point of view and despite being tempted to continue to live and work in the country that hosted me during my studies I decided to go back.

An error? Maybe not.

Once back in my country, my mind is a ferment of ideas and my optimism for the future is enormous and at the end I come to a single conclusion: I want to start my own business.

At this point my hopes began to wane, as I’m aware that every business needs a lot of energies, but above all, an initial capital, no matter how good the idea, but how do I finance it?

At this point, begins a mad and desperate research in the web to understand: which possibilities? Banks? Private investors? The government?

The government? Well yes.

The government is the one who gives me the best choice: a loan? No. A “donation” in money than I’ll never return. How much? About 15,000 Euros. It is enough for me.

But what is it, do I need to have some connections in the government? Thousand of paperworks? No.

My requirements: have a foreign degree and a valid business plan and present myself in front a commission.

Done.I got the money and start my own business, I have my company, I have my dream. At the moment I do not need an office, I work anywhere with a computer and an internet connection.

Now I would like to invest more in the company, my project is not limited to my country and I need a skilled foreigner, how to do? I know where to find it, but how do I proceed it?

Once again I appeal to the Government and find out new policies to encourage the use of talented foreigners. Hired.

Now my plan is becoming important and I need one last investment.

How to do? Once again thanks to the Government.

There are many initiatives that work in the same way of the first one: I present my business plan and if I pass the examination, I get the money and I will not return it, ever.

I got what I want (my idea is valid, I was sure). I can continue my journey.

All this may seem strange, but in reality we are talking about what really happens in a country still developing: China.

Encourage new young companies, it is not only a duty but a necessity. Why give loans, and high debts to newborn companies? Do you really need an office?

I need money and support.

Giandomenico Padovan

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