Sacred Art

In this moment of particular tension in the world, in particular with regard to the theme religion, can perhaps art be an element that unites, approaching and makes us understand that ultimately we are all part of the same mother earth without differences, I think so. Here’s an idea for sacred art divided by three great themes.

Ideas and sketches for sacred art

The exhibition is dedicated to the representation of fascinating sacred subjects for places of worship, in their initial proposals ideas in the form of sketches and preparatory studies. Works performed in quick impressions as well as flow from the mind of the artist, in anticipation of a subsequent selling in oil, tempera, fresco painting or in sculpture. The exhibition becomes an opportunity to illustrate the design and artists’ creative mode in anticipation of times, sometimes truly spectacular, to decorate spaces and environments of ecclesiastical places. You can compare the differences, more or less evident, between the freshness of an idea and its final implementation, this sometimes modified thanks to interventions due to external causes. There are sketches, drawings, sketches, cartoons made for churches such as Venice and neighbour villages and cities, that, although not very well known, have a heritage and a unique asset. The exhibition will be divided into several sections, depending on your location, author, time and technology.

Sacred art: a meltin pot

Understanding exposure a multiplicity of works (paintings, objects, sculptures, textiles, drawings, etc.) that are exposed to different themes concerning the figures and episodes from the Old and New Testaments (the Virgin Mary, the Ecce Homo, stories and images of the cycles of the Nativity and the passion, stories and saints, biblical scenes, etc.), by era or type. The path serves to introduce a collection of artistic products of various kinds, related to holiness and devotion towards Christianity.

Which kind of art for the sacred?

This part of the exhibition intend to emphasize how much the theme of sacred art has been important and sometimes decisive in particular to the West. However the art forms are increasingly different expressive form, materials, and communication systems all around the world. So today we may wonder how much weight still has the tendency of the sacred in contemporary art and how we should today represent a religious subject in a coherent, effective and satisfactory level and more specifically within the places of worship. The exhibition contains works fully consolidated in this sense as those of the past compared with others that are connected to the contemporary feelings.


Giandomenico Padovan

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