A love letter

In my work I find an enormous difficulty to let the people understand and comprehend the importance of Italy, both from a cultural and linguistic point of view, and I do not hide that I am no longer suprised to know that many, particularly in China, think that in Italy we speak English, since what is known of us foreigners is mostly Anglo-Saxon culture and this is not ignorance but lack of education, especially by us (we, Italians,have a huge difficulty in marketing, especially about our wonderful treasure).

For this reason, sometimes  I remind myself the reason why I work for Italy, although right now I’m far from it,

Why you should know Italian?

I try to answer very simply: it is a useless language and you need to know it.

I mean, if you think about the very practical aspects, is futile: Chinese, English or Spanish can help already in the job market and to travel. But the Italian, in addition to being a language, represents Western culture, it represents a heritage that makes us (in part) human.

The Italian is  music: open any musical score, you find Italian.

The Italian is fashion: worldwide shops and brands use Italian words.

The Italian is art: Western art is linked to Italy and therefore in all language related.

The Italian is food: pizza or pasta? You’re already talking in Italian.

The Italian is life.

Without the culture that Italy has spread throughout the world, also through its language, we won’t have the same amount of beauty around us.

The beauty (and we can add, Italian) will save the world.

Giandomenico Padovan

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