The mask to educate, entertain and promote

There are many activities that can be proposed to raise awareness, by involving, the characteristic features of a place or a country like Italy, such as the food, technology, etc. In this short article I propose an item which in my opinion can attract a large mass of public, especially of young and very young: the mask.

Create an exhbition on the masks and with masks, which include numerous activities, workshops and involving the audience constantly (not a simple exhibition of artworks) can become a winning event for the promotion of an entire country.


The exhibition brings together works in which illustrates the theme of theatre and especially the mask. There are exposed therefore a variety of paintings and sculptures produced by artists who have taken their cues from the world of dramatic presentation. The exhibition wants to delve into a subject that is often considered secondary in the production of an artist, considering such subjects as just a divertissement of the author, while they are on the contrary specific topics in reflection on life as well as the art itself, which in turn means of deception and illusion of reality. In fact since the beginning of the history of art that look like an actor and punctually the mask were symbolically used as symbols of the painting itself. The exhibition offers works by artists from the sixteenth century to reach up to the present day showing how the world of theatre and its masks are always valid as food for meditation about the world and about themselves.



The exhibition presents a set of plastic objects, including paintings and sculptures, and documents the striking theme of the mask, highly symbolic and practical object, that from the prehistory accompanies human being in its cultural evolution. The different values and ability to be object that conceals, hides protects, transforms, misleads or deludes itself, the form has taken many forms in all latitudes and eras, often becoming a real piece of art. The exhibition therefore try to pull over some simple functional objects and used by man in the theatres, in carnivals or festivals, to other similar created with intent more properly symbolic imply deeper meanings are not always easily distinguishable. In addition, there are works produced by artists who drew the inspiration for their own form of expression.

Create something that will surprise and show unknown aspects of a nation is, in my opinion, winning. I hope to  see soon this project or other as soon as possible.

Giandomenico Padovan

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