It is always possible to better develop the tourism system

A new tourist development project? Yes, it’s always very welcome.

But how? Let’s see in Italy.

A tourist project should be tied and take account of many factors, but in particular: the legislation, the cultural heritage, all the “ugly” elements, the receptive capacity and infrastructures, the planning of the network and its promotion. The Italian legislation is generally is very clear and the Italian territory (always generally talking) has a good infrastructure system, which allows move around in many part of the country, but generally we can  find deficiencies in the public transportation due to delays and the lack of vehicles; problems that should be solved with new projects. Also, the accommodation is generally good and well distributed; but there are problems from the point of commercial view, as there is a tendency to standardize the products sold, especially those of clothing, to those sold in large retail chains; it is proposed so to reduce such bias, favouring the production and local manufacturing sales.

The Italian territory has suffered over time by changes to the work of man and in particular was covered with small and medium-sized facilities industrial parks, which in addition to environmental harm, have had considerable visual impact. These buildings have mostly been abandoned, caused by mutations that have occurred over the past few years. Finally, the continuous and imposing further urbanization has destroyed the territory, creating settlements without environmental and visual rules It is proposed therefore to implement natural barriers, like the scenes of trees and environmental mitigation works. Moreover the factories abandoned today, should be converted to other uses, thus creating new job opportunities (like the 798 Art District in Beijing).

Finally, a reflection on the historical and artistic heritage (villas, historical residences, church buildings, museums and theatres) is a duty. These are for the majority in good condition and does not require large works of restoration, except in some special cases and requiring only the routine maintenance; it is important to highlight instead the status of museums, who, suffering from the point of view of the audience and the structure maintenance . Eventually almost all of the historical and artistic heritage, especially the villas and dwellings historical, is holding private, and therefore unavailable to visit, if not on special days, like those organised by the FAI (Italian Environment Fund).

The project will include to network all this cultural heritage and to create a tourism offer even richer and allow not only tourists, but also to the residents themselves to take advantage of these riches and for a time period that covers all year. In fact, the experience of these goods, like the villas is restricted to very few buildings open sporadically or only on special days. And this is precisely what you do not have to do: a union of a few individuals who open their doors  only at particular times, thus giving very few opportunities to visit.

In addition to networking, there is promotion, which should take place not only the territory that includes the area considered, but, over time, to the whole world; the promotion, should go ambitiously beyond just, a logic of “glocalization”, and, wanting to quote the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, is dutiful, “think global, act local”, in our case, respecting and maintaining the characteristics of the product that you want to sell in this circumstance the local tourist system, but thinking that you live within the world.

It will never be the optimal solution but you can look for the best deal.

Giandomenico Padovan

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