Museum. A place for young people.

A work done by a statistical research group presented a very intersting result.

The work has analyzed a sample of two hundred people in a time particularly short; aware that it is not a representative sample, there was behaved as if it were. Despite obvious limitations of research, this has indicated a number of significant results. The research data make it possible to assert that the investigated sample, in overall, agree in considering that to visit museums stimulating cultural venues and bring benefits for the city in which they are inserted. However, young people often would not be led to sometimes haunt for the price, other times they consider them related to teaching activities rather than leisure and then would think of not having sufficiently preparation. Furthermore it appears that what most attracts young people interviewed in museums it would be the atmosphere that characterizes them and that encourages reflection. What it would seem to fail and that instead would be an important element for attract young visitors, would be additional activities such as concerts or meetings with artists, that most of the respondents answered that they would know. Finally, when asked what would be organized to make the museums more intersting, the investigated sample would mainly given more answers like meetings with artists and art studios.

All this would lead to consider that museums could expand its offer in order to be able to attract young consumers. In this way, young people could help and subsequently perceive it as a place closer to their interests. There are two aspects, in our opinion, very interesting, and that they would not particularly thorough, but which could be a starting point for future researches:

1) The price would be one of the main negative aspects, as well as a constraint closely linked to revenue.

2) The events related to the museum would be one of the main forms of attraction which could have the museum.

One might conclude that the museums are conceived by young people as something that should be discounted to their tastes, and you should adjust it so, following dynamic trends of recent years, then, they will remain not only places “distant” from their interests.


The statistical work has been realized by Giandomenico Padovan, Giulia Tasca, Lorenzo Dal Borgo, Andrea Bruson.

For the full report just send me a private message.

Giandomenico Padovan

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