Education and profit, a short note.

A new business idea linked to education and in particular to the culture? Yes! But how? The methodology applied is the sum of a series of factors that we can summarize here:

a) a good starting capital (human and economic);

b) specific experiences, not only in education and culture;

c) the intention to maintain a high level of what is proposed.

However companies must confront many difficulties at the beggining. The largest of these is the idea, totally biased, that you are too young to open a new company and the experience is too little. But this ruling, also borne out by many companies borb and death in a short time, for lack of a clear long-term strategic plan, can be easily debunked if there is a timely and serious view and investments in research; furthermore the collaboration of experts and the creation of special teams, even with external members for each event, will ensure the high level of every single project. This will ensure even more that the only purpose of the company can not and will never be just the profit, but turn to the audience with a pedagogical and educational attitude.

One of the company’s main objectives is to establish an efficient relationship between the public, education and entrepreneurship, as the latter, can create that visibility in their culture today needs. A very important point is the dialogue that the company maintains and establishes with companies and public authorities, because the organization and the creation of the products may also depend on the funding by the public authorities and the cooperation with other companies.

In conclusion, the main objective of the company is greatly increasing the interest in the culture through the creation of marketable products and they do not lose sight of the seriousness and scientific level.

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