Start-up or start a new business. The importance of human relationships.

Some time ago I saw the birth and I actively participated in a project, born as an association, which had the express purpose of enhancing and promoting the art; the intentions and future plans were very ambitious, and the passion in was unbelievably great, but something did not go as it should. So I take inspiration from this experience to give some advices, from a personal and human perspective.

  1. Do not underestimate or obscure the work of your collaborators, especially if they are technical experts.
  2. Never be the “master” of anything. This kind of attitude will create a “feudal” atmosphere in the company. Do not worry, if you’re the founder and it all started thanks to your efforts. They are all grateful for that even if they do not tell you explicitly or they contemplate you every day for this.
  3. Work for the merit and qualification of whole company and not for your personal purposes. Try to maintain a high level of quality in terms of what you are doing, demonstrating your credibility and reliability in the future; you can obtain this only if there is a scientific work behind, seriously, correctly and modestly performed without arrogance but with creative spirit.
  4. Do not criticize without construct those who have tried and are trying with great effort and physical effort, intellectual and even economic, to qualify and improve the image of the company.
  5. Have yourself around trained and competent persons, who take full responsibility for a job. Each project will be implemented with the participation of all and will make recommendations, suggestions, corrections, observations since the error and oversight are always home, but in the end, no one should prevail.
  6. Oppositions and unjustified impositions can never be accepted especially if that are received by people with no any qualification because they are just try to impose their personal taste, they often could come from ignorance and narrowness of studying. It is to the detriment of your professional and human dignity.

Today I am in Beijing, where I find myself again, with even greater passion than before, involved in the birth and development of a new company. I’ve never lose heart, whatever the difficulties are.

Giandomenico Padovan



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